Being an eternal science, ‘Ayurveda‘, the ‘science of human life’, deals with physical, psychological as well as spiritual wellbeing of an individual. It covers all the spheres of human life. It is not merely a materialistic science, but a philosophical and factful truth, which our great ancestral sages, through their experience, logic, and power of wisdom, had found true and proved it to the truth of time.

We at Poojneeya Mata Aaskaur Ji Ayurveda Hospital provides basic as well as specialized treatments at OPD level & IPD level.

We are having state of art 49 bedded IPD facility with separate male & female wards, semiprivate rooms & Delux rooms. Separate sections are there for all sorts of panchakarma procedures for male & female patients. The hospital provides best of the Keraleeya Panchakarma procedures.

Health is the supreme foundation for the achievements of life. Ayurveda aims to maintain the condition of health i.e. Swasthya Rakshana. Ayurveda defines an ideal man as one who has got a healthy body mind and Indriya and leads such a life which is congenial to his personal development and conducive to social happiness.

Ayurveda defines the three basic elements viz. Vata, Pitta , Kapha. The balance of these three elements is the route of healthy disease free life whereas any imbalance in these elements leads to the disease. So the aim of Ayurveda treatment is always focused on balancing these elements.

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