Advise to Our Guest

  1. The patient should bring loose clothes as per season for massage therapy.
  2. The patient can bring some common items of daily need, as per their requirement.
  3. At least one bystander (attendant) is required during the treatment.
  4. The minor child should be accompanied by a family member.
  5. The patient should avoid smoking, tobacco chewing or any other addiction during treatment.
  6. The patient should avoid excess talk, travelling, night awakening, day sleep during the treatment period.
  7. It is advised to keep silence & concentrate on treatment during the procedures.
  8. Please maintain cleanliness & hygiene in hospital premises.
  9. The patient should avoid intercourse during treatment.
  10. Female attendant should accompany a female patient.
  11. Please carry all the old record of the patient during the hospital visit.
  12. Hospital welcomes meaningful complaints and suggestions from patients, their relatives, visitors and well-wishers for improving the service of the hospital. Suggestions can be given through the feedback form, which will be given by the ward secretary before discharge.
  13. Patients are advised to keep their belongings like cell phones, watches, purses, gold chains etc with them at all times and not to leave them exposed.
  14. Only one person will be permitted to stay with each patient. Hospital is always glad to receive visitors who come to see patients. Visitors are allowed to see the patient between 10 am – 12 pm and 4 pm – 6 pm.
  15. On admission, an initial deposit shall be paid by patients at the Inpatient Billing Department Counter.
  16. Patients are advised not to offer tips to any of the hospital employees.

Patients relatives and guests are requested to maintain absolute silence within the hospital premises

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