Child Guidance Clinic

The child is always a centre of attention among the family. All parents are always worried about the child’s growth & development. For the all-round development of a child, child’s physical & physiological functioning, environment to which he is exposed either at home or at school, should be taken care off. This is possible only through the interaction with the child & his family by a health care team.

                        Child guidance clinic is a specialized clinic that deals with children of normal or abnormal intelligence, behaviour, psychological problems or maladjustments.



            The objectives of the child guidance clinic are:

  1. Providing help for children with behavioural problems like pica, bed wetting (enuresis), sleepwalking, speech defects etc.
  2. Providing care & guidance for children with different mental abilities.
  3. Providing care & guidance for children with learning disabilities.
  4. Providing counselling, guidance & information to parents regarding pre- para- post-pregnancy care & upbringing of children.

Special Packages:

  1. Preconception rejuvenation therapy.
  2. Premarital rejuvenation therapy.
  3. Healthy Baby Programme – Month wise consultation for the dietary regime for a pregnant lady.
  4. Healthy Development Programme: For proper growth & achievement of developmental milestones of a child.
  5. Swaranaprashan: For physical, intellectual & immunity development of a child
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